WFMD World Fish Migration Day

2018-04-21 World Fish Migration Day every day! Thats real life at Nydala Mill where Berit and Sven-Erik count Atlantic Salmon every day, nine months every  year! And these enthusiasts have done so since 1954. This is an outstanding deed performed for the genetically unique Salmon stock in River Ätran.

2018-04-21 Nydala Mill at the west coast of Sweden

Berit and Sven-Erik have got several environmental Awards for their industrious work from the Water Board of river Ätran and from the Municipality of Falkenberg.

When I visited Nydala today on WFMD they were fully occupied with pit tagging decending smolt and they have already counted several Silver Bright Salmon on their way to the spawning grounds.

These people are the real Guardians for the migrating fish species of river Ätran one of the most important rivers concearning natural production of Atlantic Salmon in Sweden!

The County Administartion of  Västra Götaland pays attention to World Fish Migration Day. Read more här.

2018-04-21 Counting of smolt at Nydala WFMD